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The Best Easy Cowboy Caviar Black Bean Salad

This super easy, super tasty Cowboy Caviar with black beans salad is loaded with flavors, juicy apples, spicy peppers, fresh herbs, and a mouthwatering simple dressing. It’s a bright, zippy, and completely delicious satisfying salad. This isn’t the classic Cowboy caviar recipe…it’s my super easy Cowboy Caviar Black Bean salad loaded with juicy apples, peppers, […]

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The Best Easy Traditional Authentic Sticky eggplants with sesame seeds

– easy 20-minutes vegan dinner recipe Mmm, Authentic sticky eggplants with sesame seeds. If you love sweet-meets-spicy sauces and sticky crunchy sesame seeds then these authentic sticky aubergines are just what you want. They’re a mouthwatering combination of sweet and spicy, sticky and crunchy. Think tender, almost melting eggplants wrapped in a sticky sweet-and-spicy sauce […]

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Quick and easy vegan bean spread recipe (vegan pâté)

Lunch just got 100x easier and a 1000x tastier thanks to this flavor-bursting vegan pate. This creamy vegan bean spread tastes amazing on everything. It’s a super tasty powerhouse of plant-based protein…and it should probably come with a warning because it’s irresistibly good.  When I say this quick and easy vegan bean spread recipe is […]

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Easy Creamy Tuscan Style Portobello Mushrooms recipe (vegan)

Thick, meaty Tuscan style portobello mushrooms soaked in a Creamy flavor-packed vegan paprika sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, and all the savory flavors of Tuscany in a simple one-pot dinner. Italian flavors meet the ultimate vegan comfort food. This easy creamy Tuscan style portobello mushrooms recipe is a super comforting, super delicious, and super easy one-pot […]