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Crispy Zucchini sheet pan with mashed sweet potatoes recipe 

This easy dump veggies in a pan crispy zucchini sheet pan with mashed potatoes are a part bowl of delicious roasted veggies, part warm salad, and completely irresistibly tasty. Featuring golden brown roasted Parmesan-crusted zucchini, tender, and crispy chickpeas, and creamy mashed sweet potatoes. All are made in one sheet pan.  We’re talking about the […]

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Easy Vegan Melty Mushroom Lasagna recipe

The best easy vegan melty Mushroom lasagna. This easy dairy-free lasagna is totally delicious, completely snackable, and packed with decadent cheese sauce that tastes just like real lasagna cheese sauce. Not to mention the meaty umami goodness from the mushrooms that fools the tastebuds into thinking this lasagna is the real deal. We’re talking bold, […]

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Melty honey glazed Camembert cheese dip appetizer 

This melty honey-glazed Camembert cheese dip recipe is a total crowd-pleaser appetizer. Serve with garlic bread, fresh fluffy focaccia, or crusty French bread, and get ready to scoop up all that gloriously melted cheese. Yum. There’s just something about warm cheesy appetizers that warms the soul. They’re a must-serve treat for game nights, tailgating parties, […]