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Vegan Creamy White Gnocchi Soup

This amazing vegan creamy white gnocchi soup recipe is so mouthwateringly good it should probably come with a warning. It’s addictively delicious and became an instant family favourite when I created the soup. Think creamy, cheesy, garlicky soup loaded with spicy peppers and delicious gnocchis. It’s so good I don’t even have words to describe […]

Dinner, Healthy, One Pot, Soups, Vegan

Easy Creamy Vegan Lasagna Soup

This Easy creamy vegan Lasagna soup is everything a lasagna lovers dreams are made of. Think creamy, cheesy sauce with all the melting lasagna flavours that we all know and love…the only difference to regular lasagna is that this amazing recipe is all vegan. This meal prep friendly lasagna soup is not just easy and […]

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Easy Spicy Kiwi, Peppers and Tomato Salsa

This amazing spicy kiwi peppers and tomato salsa recipe is quick and easy to make…and it’s absolutely delicious. Think sweet and crunchy bell pepper slices together with the sweet freshness and tangy bite of kiwi and you already know this salsa is mouthwateringly good. Plus, it’s packed with crunchy textures, lots of fresh flavours and […]

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Amazing easy Potato Pizza recipe

This easy potato topped pizza recipe is delicious, mouthwatering and a great way to use leftover potatoes. It’s made with my quick 15-minute vegan pizza dough topped with red pesto, potato slices, spices and vegan cheese (or feta cheese).  It’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious and works for every occasion from get-togethers to summer nights to children’s parties […]

5 ingredients, Healthy, Lunch, One Pot, Party food, Pre plan, Salad, Side Dish, Vegan

Easy Mediterranean Couscous salad (vegan)

This amazing easy Mediterranean couscous salad is loaded with exotic flavours and delicious textures. It’s made with fluffy couscous flavoured with moroccan spices and filled with grilled carrots, soft onions, crunchy nuts and sweet raisins (or dried cranberries). It doesn’t get much better than this easy couscous salad. This easy Mediterranean couscous salad is simple […]