About us

Hi there! We are Ea and Simone, a mother and daughter team that’s passionate about delicious food.

About Ea:

I love food!

I love to experiment with food and started cooking and creating delicious recipes from early on.

Food is such a big part of our lives that it should always be enjoyed. Yet, I grew up in a home where eating was something that had to be over quickly – a necessary chore.

This led to my decision to early on – I decided that food have to be joyful, delicious and easy to cook. Food can be the greatest excuse to get together with friends and family and it’s something I have used in my work as event planner and caterer.

For me, food has to speak to all our senses, whether vegetarian, vegan or meat lovers.

I am always creating and sharing recipes that are approachable, exciting and food I love to eat!

About Simone:

I am a passionate vegetarian foodie. I love to try new foods and create new vegan and vegetarian recipes.

I love cooking with natural ingredients, and inventing healthy recipes – but, I also have a soft spot for chocolate and sweets (and have been known to eat cake for breakfast).

For me, food has to be easy to cook, quick to make and as healthy as possible. I am what you could call a lazy foodie.

Slaving away for hours in the kitchen is not my idea of fun (nor do I have the time…and even if I did I would much rather spend my time playing with my dog),  so I focus on creating approachable recipes for every occasion that are as easy to make as they are delicious.

We hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet.