The Best Loaded Zucchini Pizza Recipe

with Vegan and Vegetarian squash pizza options Today, let’s talk pizza. More to the point, let’s talk about the best loaded zucchini pizza. This melty cheesy pizza topped with roasted zucchini is deliciously decadent and comes in both a vegan and vegetarian version…because I originally made this squash pizza in a vegetarian version and later … Read more

The Best Easy Vegan Grilled Zucchini Burger recipe

This might just be the best easy vegan grilled zucchini burger recipe you will ever try. It’s delicious, packed with bbq flavours and so good it will make a meat lover forget it’s vegan.  Plus, it’s super quick and easy to make.  Grilled zucchini is always on my top 5 favourite list, because it’s delicious … Read more

Amazing easy Fakeout vegan bell pepper pizza

This amazing easy fakeout vegan bell pepper pizza is one of my favourite easy go to vegan comfort food recipes. It tastes like a slice of heaven and it’s topped with everything cheesy, delicious and vegan your heart could desire. Whenever I crave takeout, this is the recipe I turn to.  It’s a better than … Read more

Amazing viral TikTok watermelon skins salad recipe

Tarbooz Ki Sabji – vegan curry watermelon rinds salad This amazing viral TikTok watermelon rinds salad recipe, or tarbooz ki sabji as it’s also known, is a great and delicious way to use up all of the watermelon.  The Indian kitchen is amazing at never letting any food go to waste and this watermelon rinds … Read more

The Best Portobello Pizza recipe ever (gluten-free)

This amazing gluten-free pizza recipe is named The Best Portobello pizza recipe ever for good reason. Think meaty, flavourful portobello mushrooms topped with cheese (regular or non dairy), tomatoes and pizza seasonings…they are mouthwatering, healthy and will leave you wanting more. In this gluten-free recipe, the Portobello mushrooms make the pizza crust and becomes the … Read more

Delicious Easy Tomato Strawberry Fruit Salsa salad recipe

This amazing delicious tomato strawberry fruit salsa salad is juicy, fresh and looks like a showstopper. Plus, it’s so incredibly tasty and takes no time to prepare.  Tomato strawberry fruit salsa salad is one of my favourite easy summer salads. The colours are eye grabbing and the flavours of the tomatoes combined with the sweetness … Read more

Thai Coconut Tahini Rice Noodle Bowls (vegan)

This easy vegan Thai Coconut Tahini Rice Noodle Bowls recipe is fresh, warming, decadent and loaded with delicious flavours. Think creamy rich sauce clinging to rice noodles, soft sliced zucchini and a hint of fresh ginger. It’s such a mouthwatering, simple and easy to make one pot dish that works for all seasons and all … Read more

Glowing Skin Beetroot Crunch Salad

This Glowing Skin Beetroot crunch salad is sweet, fresh, crunchy and so good. It’s loaded with nutrients and skin boosting vitamins … plus beetroots are also known as a great detox effect. But even more impoetanantly than the health benefits of this salad is the amazing taste. It’s made with cooked beets, drizzled with a … Read more

The Best Easy Homemade Herb Falafel Recipe

Falafels are one of the best naturally vegan protein sources … and this might just be the best easy homemade falafel recipe you will ever find. It’s jam packed with delicious flavours, herby goodness all wrapped up in a golden crispy exterior. Yum is the only word I can think of and it doesn’t even … Read more

The Best Vegan Orange Slice Salad

This juicy and delicious salad is called the best easy orange slice salad for a good reason. It’s fresh, naturally juice and absolutely mouthwateringly delicious. And it barely takes 10 minutes to make this show stopper. Think juicy sweet oranges drizzled with lemon juice and topped with sweet and sour chili sauce, fresh basil and … Read more

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