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The Best Vegan Kung Pao Tofu

The best vegan kung pao tofu recipe is my vegan take on the classic Kung Pao Chicken recipe.  We’re talking bold, rich, and delicious flavor and texture combo. Saucy, smoky, and savory umami-flavored creamy sauce and golden tender meaty tofu with fried veggies. It’s a super easy weeknight meal that tastes soooo good…and it’s surprisingly […]


Gyros Spice Mix

This Gyros Spice mix is one of my favorite ever. I put it on pretty much everything. Whether it’s grilled veggies or one pot dishes, it adds so much depth, flavor and a bite of hotness. It’s so good! I originally came across this Gyros spice mix in Greece. It was one of those flavours […]