Easy Cowboy Chili Stew with Black Beans

This easy Cowboy Chili stew with black beans is a savory and satisfying vegan comfort food recipe. We’re talking bold flavors and amazing comforting textures wrapped in a creamy savory sauce. Browned chunks of eggplants, tender zucchini, meaty beans, and a rich spicy sauce. And unlike a regular chili that takes hours to make, this … Read more

Easy healthy rye bread chips recipe

Easy healthy rye bread chips – crunchy, dark flavored and utterly snackable rye bread chips. These healthy chips are satisfyingly crispy, so tasty and amazing for scooping up creamy dip. It’s like regular chips meets healthy crunchy Chex mix goodness and I’m here for it.  Crunchy, salty, with the perfect combination of flavors and texture … Read more

Vegan chicken-less Cacciatore recipe 

This easy vegan chicken-less Cacciatore recipe features bold flavors with braised portobello mushrooms in a saucy savory rich and rustic tomato sauce. Make it in a pan or an instant pot and get ready for a super tasty, super easy vegan dinner that everyone in the family will enjoy. My easy vegan cacciatore dinner features … Read more

Roasted Red Pepper and carrots dip recipe 

This creamy rich roasted red pepper and carrot dip recipe is just the right amount of savory, with a hint of spice and a little smoky goodness. This is my muhammara with a twist dip. Featuring roasted peppers and carrots, this healthy roasted red pepper dip recipe is loaded with flavors. I like to serve … Read more

Vegan Broccoli “Tater” Tots recipe

Crispy baked golden vegan broccoli tater tots recipe. These delicious vegan broccoli tots are easy to make, healthy and loaded with nutrients, and absolutely perfect for dipping. Make a big batch and bake these glorious vegan tots. You don’t even need to feel guilty if you eat them all at once because they’re actually good … Read more

Authentic Aioli recipe without eggs (vegan)

The best smooth, drizzle-able, garlicky vegan aioli recipe. This easy creamy authentic homemade Aioli is made without eggs…it’s a vegan dairy-free restaurant-style garlic sauce that’s a hit at parties. Aioli is the best creamy garlic dipping sauce for any occasion. Try this creamy Aioli as a dipping sauce with fries or use it as a … Read more

Easy Italian Lemon Pasta recipe

This fresh, zesty and deliciously delicate vibrant spaghetti noodles Lemon pasta is surprisingly quick and utterly delicious. Made with just 5 simple ingredients: spaghetti noodles, lemons, leeks, garlic, and fresh basil this is one flavorful, cozy bowl of fresh lemon pasta. It’s a basic lemon pasta ready to serve in just 20 minutes (or less … Read more

Crispy Zucchini sheet pan with mashed sweet potatoes recipe 

This easy dump veggies in a pan crispy zucchini sheet pan with mashed potatoes are a part bowl of delicious roasted veggies, part warm salad, and completely irresistibly tasty. Featuring golden brown roasted Parmesan-crusted zucchini, tender, and crispy chickpeas, and creamy mashed sweet potatoes. All are made in one sheet pan.  We’re talking about the … Read more

Easy Vegan Mushrooms and Broccoli dump sheet pan

This super easy vegan portobello mushrooms and broccoli sheet pan is as easy as it gets. Just dump broccoli, onions, portobello mushrooms, and carrots on a sheet pan, drizzle with olive oil, and season. Then let the oven do all the work. With almost zero effort you’ll be ready to enjoy a healthy and totally … Read more

Easy Vegan Melty Mushroom Lasagna recipe

The best easy vegan melty Mushroom lasagna. This easy dairy-free lasagna is totally delicious, completely snackable, and packed with decadent cheese sauce that tastes just like real lasagna cheese sauce. Not to mention the meaty umami goodness from the mushrooms that fools the tastebuds into thinking this lasagna is the real deal. We’re talking bold, … Read more

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