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The Best Creamy Vegan Porridge

– With chia seeds, gluten-free crunchy granola, and raspberry jam This creamy almond milk vegan porridge is a delicious and quick healthy breakfast topped with golden crunchy granola and a spoonful of homemade raspberry jam. Mornings just got 1000x better when starting your day with this simple overnight breakfast oatmeal porridge. This easy creamy overnight […]

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The Best Easy Vegan crusted Cauliflower Roast

There’s vegan roast and then there’s this deeply rich, deeply satisfying crusted cauliflower roast. Think simple, rustic, and melt-in-your-mouth amazing crispy on the outside soft and almost melting cauliflower with a sweet-spicy zingy combo of red pesto paste crust. It doesn’t get much better than this vegan roast. How amazing can easy vegan crusted cauliflower […]

Dinner, Healthy, One Pot, Party food, Vegan

Easy Creamy Tuscan Style Portobello Mushrooms recipe (vegan)

Thick, meaty Tuscan style portobello mushrooms soaked in a Creamy flavor-packed vegan paprika sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, and all the savory flavors of Tuscany in a simple one-pot dinner. Italian flavors meet the ultimate vegan comfort food. This easy creamy Tuscan style portobello mushrooms recipe is a super comforting, super delicious, and super easy one-pot […]