Best cookies guide: baking, fixing, freezing + recipe

Crafting Culinary Magic – The Ultimate Baking Cookies Guide Welcome to a delicious cookie adventure where the aroma of freshly baked cookies dances through the air, and the joy of indulgence is just a whisk away. In this comprehensive guide, I’m not just sharing recipes; I’m unwrapping the secrets to baking perfection, offering tips and … Read more

Easy Mochi Ice cream: How to make without rice flour

Indulge in Pure Mochi Bliss: Homemade Tapioca Mochi Ice Cream Easy Mochi Ice cream: How to make without rice flour – Picture this: A delicate, pillowy-soft exterior giving way to a creamy, dreamy center bursting with your favorite ice cream flavor. That, my friends, is the sheer delight of homemade Tapioca Mochi Ice Cream—a culinary … Read more

Easy Dairy free sugar cookies: best vegan recipe

Dairy free sugar cookies recipe – Welcome to our delightful dairy-free sugar cookies recipe! 🍪🥛 If there’s one treat that always brings joy and nostalgia, it’s the classic sugar cookie. Soft, chewy, and wonderfully sweet, sugar cookies have become a beloved favorite for all ages. But here’s the best part – we’ve crafted a dairy-free … Read more

Best Homemade Tea Biscuit (perfect biscuits recipe)

Best Tea Biscuits recipes – Indulge in Timeless Delights: The Ultimate English Tea Biscuits Recipe (Regular & Vegan Variations) As the sun lazily kisses the horizon, there’s nothing quite like embracing the charm of afternoon tea with a plateful of delectable British biscuits by your side. The ritual of dunking these rich tea biscuits into … Read more

Best M and M cookies recipe: Perfect Easy M&M cookie

Homemade M&M cookies – Who can resist the allure of a freshly baked batch of m and m cookies, especially when they’re adorned with vibrant M&M candies that promise a burst of sweetness in every bite? Monster cookies, with their charming medley of flavors and textures, have become a beloved treat for cookie enthusiasts of … Read more

Easy Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe (vegan)

The best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Let me tell you why you’ll absolutely love vegan chocolate chip cookies. Get ready for a mouthwatering treat that ticks all the boxes! These best vegan chocolate chip cookies are a delightful fusion of gooey chocolate goodness and wholesome, plant-based ingredients. With their easy-to-follow recipe, you’ll be … Read more

The Ultimate Best Easy Blueberry Cookies recipe

How to make Blueberry cookies – the best easy blueberry cookies recipe! Are you looking for the perfect sweet treat? Look no further than blueberry cookies! This delightful blueberry cookie recipe will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. These cookies are hailed as the best blueberry cookies around, and for a good reason! … Read more


Easy vegan Melomakarona recipe – My vegan version of the amazing classic Greek Christmas Cookies recipe MELOMAKARONA. It’s a must-eat, must-bake classic Christmas cookie in Greece. This is my vegan MELOMAKARONA recipe. It’s just as Christmas-y, cozy, and irresistibly delicious as the popular authentic MELOMAKARONA recipe. Featuring fragrant cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, these delicious Greek … Read more

The best Traditional Authentic Ottijiet Cookies

– Maltese sesame seed cookies These Crispy, crunchy golden brown Maltese Ottijiet cookies are just the right amount of sweet without being too sweet, crunchy without being too crispy, crumbly without falling apart, and were made to dip into your afternoon tea. They are a healthy-ish alternative to regular cookies, deliciously dunked in coffee, and … Read more

The best Double Chocolate Cookies with nuts (vegan)

If you’re looking for the best vegan gluten-free double chocolate chip cookies recipe then you’ve come to the right place. These chewy, luxe double chocolate cookies topped with crispy nuts are mind-blowing, tastebuds exploding deliciously.  These are the best vegan double Chocolate cookies with nuts. Crispy on the outside, chewy and almost brownie-like on the … Read more

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