Easy Grilled Pear Recipe – Delicious vegan pears

Grilled Pears Recipe: A Delicious and Easy Dessert Option The Best Grilled Pears recipe – Juicy pears, caramelized grill marks, and so much irresistible goodness! Do you love grilled fruit? If so, you’ll want to try this delicious and easy grilled pears recipe. Pears are a perfect fruit to grill because they hold their shape … Read more

Thai Green Chili sauce recipe – Dipping chilli sauce

Thai Green Chili sauce recipe – easy to make, loaded with spicy but not too spicy, zesty, and delicious flavors! This easy Thai lime sauce is perfect for serving with roasted vegetables, fluffy rice, crispy potatoes, portobello steak, and more. Put this amazing chili sauce on everything! It’s sure to become one of favorite recipes! … Read more

Easy Air Fryer eggplant recipe – no breadcrumbs

Air fryer eggplant – no breadcrumbs recipe. Vegan air fryer baked eggplants are a delicious and flavorful dish that you and your whole family will love. Imagine a warm and cozy meal with a crispy texture that’s satisfyingly crunchy on the outside, and a tender, juicy, and flavorful inside that’s filled with rich, savory flavors … Read more

Best Longhorn Steakhouse rice pilaf copycat recipe

Longhorn Steakhouse Rice Pilaf Recipe – fluffy, steaming rice full of buttery and aromatic rich flavors. Longhorn Steakhouse rice is a wonderful and flavorful side dish that is perfect for any meal. Featuring flavorful, rich, buttery fluffy rice that the whole family will love! The rice is cooked with a delicious blend of seasonings, herbs … Read more

Best Easy Creamy Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe (vegan)

I am a huge fan of mashed potatoes, but this Easy Creamy Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe is on the very top of my favorite list. It’s sweet, creamy, fluffy and full of flavours…and it’s completely vegan and made with just a few easy to get ingredients. Made simply with sweet potatoes, almond mil, or your … Read more

Simple Lau Thai recipe – Hot pot noodle soup (vegan)

Easy Lau Thai recipe – delicious broth, rich flavors, twirly noodles and so much goodness packed into one healthy cozy bowl of Lau Thai noodle soup. Lau Thai is a delicious and flavorful soup that originates from Thailand. It typically consists of a spicy and sour broth filled with a variety of vegetables, herbs, and … Read more

Vegan mashed potatoes  – best mash potato recipe without milk

Mash potato recipe without milk – This is the best Creamy Vegan Mashed Potatoes recipe I’ve ever tried. It requires only the simplest of ingredients and it always turns amazing. If you adore fluffy, creamy and completely delicious mashed potatoes, then this easy recipe is for you. The best Mash Potato recipe without milk Let … Read more

Easy Low Carb Keto Carrot Cake recipe – sugar free

Keto Carrot Cake Recipe: A Delicious Low-Carb Dessert Option Do you love carrot cake but feel guilty indulging in it due to its high sugar and carb content? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that a keto-friendly version of this classic dessert exists. By swapping out traditional flour and sugar for low-carb alternatives, you … Read more

Air Fryer Corn Nuggets recipe – Easy crispy fritters

Corn nuggets air fryer recipe – delicious, easy, and 100% vegan air fryer corn nuggets recipe! These nuggets are perfect for dipping into your favorite sauce or just plain snacking!  Air fryer corn nuggets are amazing for many reasons! Firstly, they are made with real corn kernels, which provide a deliciously sweet and crunchy texture … Read more

Chinese eggplant recipe with instant pot Thai Sticky rice

Chinese eggplant recipe with Instant Pot Thai sticky rice – Picture this: A delightful fusion of flavors and textures awaits you with this incredible combination! We’re talking instant pot sticky rice that are worthy of the best Thai restaurants combined with fried or grilled Chinese eggplant that makes an irresistible blend of flavors! The Chinese … Read more

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