Super Green Detox Smoothie

Say hello to this tasty, rich green detox smoothie. Made with vitamin-rich superfoods like fresh spinach, kiwi fruit, banana, celery, and pineapple it’s a powerhouse of tasty antioxidants and fibers. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just feel the need to detox. Even though I have a serious sweet tooth, there are times I feel like it’s too much -that’s when I decide to take a detox. 

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This Glowing Green Detox smoothie is jam-packed with nutrition and will help flush out the toxins quickly. A healthy, fresh, and incredibly tasty weight loss-boosting breakfast smoothie that’s also a great healthy snack alternative. 

And to make it all even better, this smoothie is loaded with superfoods like spinach, bananas, kiwi, and pineapple. It’s just the right amount of fresh and sweet, velvety and refreshing, and all kinds of tasty. And with only around 125 calories per serving, it’s a powerhouse of Tasty Creamy Goodness.

Why you will love this green detox smoothie for weight loss 

  • it’s an all-vegan detox smoothie
  • Fresh, silky and so tasty
  • packed full of vitamins and minerals
  • the ingredients will help your body flush out toxins more quicker
  • easy to make and is also great to-go
  • it tastes amazing

I call this Glowing Green Detox smoothie because it has great detoxing abilities – however, I also like to drink it for breakfast or as a midday snack, even when I’m not detoxing. It makes me feel energized and revitalized and that’s exactly what I need on most days.

Ingredients to make Glowing Green Detox Smoothie

We’re working with simple ingredients that pack that nutrient-rich superfood punch.

Ingredients to make a simple green detox smoothie 

Kiwi – kiwi is one of my favorite tasty superfoods. Packed with vitamins and especially vitamin C, kiwi has been said to improve vision and even prevent blindness. 

Bananas – Bananas are a great source of potassium, and potassium-rich diets may help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. They also add just the right amount of sweetness and a creamy texture to the smoothie. Ripe and very ripe bananas are best to give a silky texture. Tip: You can use frozen bananas if you prefer for a freezing cold smoothie. 

Pineapple – pineapple isn’t just a fresh and delicious addition to smoothies. They also contain a protein digestion enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain has been linked to boosting the immune system, helping with digestion, and lowering inflammation in the body. It’s also considered a natural metabolism-boosting ingredient. 

Celery Stalks – Celery contains high levels of several types of antioxidants, including flavonoids. Flavonoids fight free radicals which limit oxidative stress and may play a role in reducing the risk of cancer. Celery is also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Fresh Spinach Leaves – or kale. Fresh spinach is a great superfood containing lots of natural iron and other nutrients. Its natural earthy taste is hidden by the kiwi and banana, instead only giving this tasty smoothie a rich deep green color and lots of healthy nutrients. Spinach also contains powerful plant compounds and antioxidants, like lutein and kaempferol, that are thought to promote eye health and decrease the risk of illnesses such as cancer. If you don’t have fresh spinach at hand you can substitute it with kale or a tablespoon of matcha tea.

Extra ingredients

Cold Water – cold water is needed to give the smoothie its creamy silky texture. You can also substitute water with almond milk or other plant milk for extra nutrients and omega fatty acids.

How to make an Easy Green Immune system boosting smoothie 

  • Peel the kiwi and banana and cut both roughly. 
    Rinse the celery stalks and cut them into large chunks. Rinse the spinach leaves and put all the ingredients in the blender. 

    Blitz until smooth, and serve.
    If you want, you can switch out some of the ingredients with other green fruits and veggies. The important thing s that everything is green. It’s not a visual preference – even though you will quickly realize that putting red fruits or berries in with the greens, leads to a very unappetizing brownish drink. The reason to keep all ingredients as green as possible is the health benefits.

There’s so much extra goodness in green veggies, with added improvements to your digestive health, maintaining healthy eyesight, balancing cholesterol levels, and much more.

This really is a drink that’s loaded with goodness, yet it still tastes great.

Benefits of green smoothies 

Green detox smoothies are loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, making them a superfood meal. Made with raw fruits and vegetables, it’s tasty and full of health benefits.

Energy boosting – Because green detox smoothies are made of raw superfood ingredients they’re like drinking a tasty energizing vitamin. 

Helps detox – green smoothies’ superfood ingredients help the body naturally detox and get rid of toxins and heavy metals 

Improves digestion – because green detox drinks are rich in fiber they’re great for improving digestion

Boost the metabolism – this green smoothie is rich in metabolism-boosting ingredients that have been linked to weight loss.

Improved eyesight – the vitamins from kiwi has been linked to improved eyesight, with several studies claiming that eating one kiwi per day may be the best natural prevention of blindness.

Best plant-based milk to add to green smoothies 

Almond milk – almond milk is a great source of vitamin D, Vitamin E, and calcium. It’s said to be beneficial to weight management and is naturally low in carbs. Almond milk also gives the smoothie an irresistibly creamy taste and texture.

Cashew milk – cashew milk is loaded with Nutrients. It contains healthy fats, protein, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. It has been linked to improved heart health, may help balance blood sugar levels, boost the immune system, and is believed to help prevent cancer.

Coconut milk – coconut milk adds a slightly sweet and delicious creamy texture to any smoothie. It also gives the drink extra health benefits by adding healthy fatty acids. Coconut milk has been linked to improved cardiovascular function, may help reduce stomach ulcers, and has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties

Soy milk – soy milk is naturally rich in protein and can help improve and maintain muscles and organs. It’s also naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have been found to reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Delicious fruits and vegetables to add to green detox smoothies 

If you’re looking for more tasty ways to spice up your smoothies and change the flavor I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my favorite ways to change up my smoothie flavor.

Cucumber – adding cucumber to your smoothie will give it a fresh flavor as well as add even more health benefits. Cucumber has been linked to weight loss and improved metabolism function.

Apples – apples contain lots of nutrients and will add a fresh sweetness to the smoothie.

Lime or lemon juice – adds freshness and lots of vitamin C to your smoothie.

Mango – this delicious fruit is a nutritious addition to any smoothie.

Papaya – papaya adds vitamins and fiber to your smoothie that’s irresistibly delicious.

Chili – chili has health-boosting and metabolism-boosting benefits as well as giving the smoothie a hint of heat.

Avocado – Avocado contains many vitamins and minerals and makes the smoothie extra creamy.

Frequently asked questions about green detox smoothies

Are green smoothies good for weight loss?

Green smoothies have been linked to weight loss. This easy green smoothie is a low-calorie drink full of metabolism-boosting ingredients that may help with Weight Loss.

Is it healthy to drink a green smoothie every day?

There are so many good nutrients in green smoothies that they’re great as an everyday meal or snack as long as it’s accompanied by an overall healthy diet that includes heart-healthy fatty acids, whole grains, vegetables, and protein.

Can I make green smoothies in advance?

Yes. The smoothie is just as tasty when made a day in advance. However, there are more nutrients in the drink when it’s freshly made. 

How to store green weight loss smoothie

Pour the smoothie into a clean jar or mug, cover it with a lid, and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Can I bring this smoothie with me to go?

Absolutely. This easy healthy smoothie is great on the go. I like to make it in a blender, pour it directly into a to-go cup along with a handful of ice cubes, cover it with a lid, and bring with me to-go on busy mornings when I want a healthy superfood breakfast but I don’t have time to sit down and eat. It’s easy, healthy and so tasty. 

How to drink green smoothies on the detox diet for weight loss?

Simply replace 1-2 meals per day with this vitamin-rich smoothie for 7-10 days.

Can I add protein to this green smoothie?

Absolutely. You can add protein to your green detox smoothie in several ways. Add almond milk or cashew milk for omega fatty acids and protein. Or add a scoop of your favorite plant-based protein powder and enjoy this green smoothie as a protein-rich treat.

Glowing Green Detox Smoothie

If you like to detox, this is the smoothie for you. It’s fresh and full og goodness. And it’s super healthy.
Keyword breakfast, detox smoothie, vegan smoothie
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 1 Person


  • 1 Kiwi
  • 1 Banana
  • 1/4 Cup Pineapple
  • 2 Celery Stalks
  • 2 Cups Fresh Spinach Leaves
  • 1 Cup Cold Water


  • Peel the kiwi and banana and cut both roughly. 
    Rinse the celery stalks and cut into large chunks. Rinse the spinach leaves and put all the ingredients in the blender. 
    Blitz until smooth, and serve.

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